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Getting Things Done

We’re all about getting projects done, whether big or small. As a board member, we listen to what you need to accomplish. We are here to get things done and there’s no confusion about that around here. Get ready for progress.

You Called, We Call Back!

Do you ever call your HOA management company? Of course you do. The real question is: do they ever call you back? We’ve found that in most cases, they don’t. That’s just not right. Let us show you how we’re going to fix that—we’ll call you back.

Enjoy Life

Our level of service doesn’t end with offering the best association management in the industry; we believe in making your life more enjoyable. Your community should be a place to escape from the stress of life where you can make memories with family and friends. Let’s work together to build a better community.

HomeRiver Group Columbus Experience

When we manage your association, we are dedicated to give you personal customer service. We get things done, call you back, and allow you to enjoy your community. Friendly and committed service sets us apart.

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Nationally-acclaimed association management services—making the tough calls to keep your association running smoothly.

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Time is valuable. Our association management services offer great service at exceptional rates!

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Best tools of the trade and operations bring more communities under our management than anyone else.

Management Services

HomeRiver Group Columbus offers exceptional association management services for your community. Here’s where we help out.

Annual / Turnover Meeting:

  • Attendance by all management team members (Monday-Thursday; weekend attendance available for additional fee)
  • Meeting coordination:
    • Mail notification to all applicable lot owners
    • Assist board in obtaining and reserving facility
    • Create and track ballots and proxies
    • Assist with vote collection and counting
    • Produce copies of all documents and handouts for meeting
    • Present management company report

Board of Directors Meeting:

  • Coordinate meeting dates and remind board members (Monday-Thursday)
  • For regularly scheduled meeting, financial reports and management report will be presented at meeting (additional charges may apply for after-hours or weekend meetings)
  • Develop agenda with board input

Homeowner Database:

  • Maintain and update master homeowner list
  • Inform welcome committee of new move-ins, upon request
  • Provide copy of covenants, bylaws, ARC standards, ARC request form, inspection process guidelines and a homeowner update form to each new resident upon notification of completed closing by the closing attorney


  • Record resale homes during the inspection process
  • Write HOA letter stating policy regarding mandatory closing letters
  • Track homes sold, by information provided to us from the closing attorneys

Property Inspections:

  • Monthly drive-through for covenant inspections (unless otherwise stated in contract)
  • Send violation letters at the direction of the board
  • Coordinate appeals and hearings
  • Legal follow-up as needed
  • Maintain correspondence file