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The HomeRiver Group Columbus Renter Experience

The 5 highlights of the HomeRiver Group Columbus Renter Experience:

1. Communicate with an assigned property manager:

Renter Experience

Working with one property manager is a unique experience. They will learn about you, the condition of the property, and be able to communicate with the owner about your concerns and plans. Acting as a liaison on your behalf and the owner’s will help improve the quality of your renting experience.

2. Place a maintenance request 24-hours a day, 365 days a year:

You will have access to your tenant portal where you can place a maintenance request at any time of the day. A call can also be placed to the 24 hour maintenance emergency line. Both of these methods will notify the property manager and they will dispatch a technician to your property to remedy the situation. The technician will call you for an appointment in advance for your convenience.

3. Multiple ways to make your rent payments:

There are three ways to make your rent payments that are adaptable to your lifestyle:

4. Benefits of home-ownership without the costs:

Home-ownership can be expensive with maintenance items that come up and Home Owner Association fees. Our tenants enjoy the privacy and community amenities without having to pay the fees associated with these amenities. Talk with your HomeRiver Group Columbus leasing agent about what amenities are available for the units are interested in for more home enjoyment!

5. Renting from a full-service company:

Our lives change so quickly and there may come a time when you want to own a property. If the time comes that you are looking to purchase a home, you will not need to look further than HomeRiver Group Columbus to assist you in buying!